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Shanghai Fingertech's high-performance, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy biometric finger identification technology accurately identifies and authenticates users to improve security, convenience and privacy as well as reducing identity theft.

We deliver our solutions through OEMs, integrators, and resellers, providing our customers with comprehensive best-of-class solutions.

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FAQ for fingerprint products

Question 1. Is it possible to place small quantity orders (between 1~10 units) for trying out purpose?

Answer:Absolutely! Since there is no Minimum Order Quantity from us, and as a fact, we always recommend our clients to purchase samples before placing large quantity orders.

Question 2. What is the minimum requirement for OEM BIOCA products? And any requirement for distribution fulfillment?

Answer:-The minimum quantity required for OEM products is 500 pcs.
- Clients may apply to become one of our distributors in his/her country region after he/she fully understands both the features and functionality of our products, and shall be familiar and confident with the local market in the region. Above all, there will be a certain seasonal and/or annual sales target to accomplish. The final decision will be made based on the applicant’s sales volume and feasibility of marketing plan during the performance evaluation period.
- For the sake of mutual benefits, the business relationship shall be built on from authorizing a client as a distributor rather than an exclusive distributor at the beginning.

Question 3. Can you give me a bargain / discount?

Answer:Price is negotiable upon volume of order(s). Order of total quantity of less than 20 units is considered as a Sample Order. However, we’ve always believed that price should never be the only standard of evaluation of a product. We will try our best to offer the most reasonable and competitive price to our clients.

Question 4. Lead Time: How long does it take to dispatch the goods after successfully placing an order?

Answer:Lead-time: 14 days after receipt of TT, including production and delivery lead-time. Generally speaking, we will dispatch the delivery from our Shanghai warehouse immediately upon valid payment from you. For orders over 100 units, we will need to contact our Jiangsu Factory first to acquire stocks. For orders over 500 units, we will tailor a special product plan for it.

Question 5. What are the acceptable payment methods?

Answer :- TT to the USD bank account of Fingertech in advance. Please note that ALL of our quotation is FOB Shanghai, which means clients have to pay for the freight charges outside Shanghai. If client has any Express Account in DHL/ Fed Ex/ UPS/ TNT, we can also deliver the products via client’s account.
- Payment via Western Union will only be accepted under urgent circumstances.
- Payment Deposit, Bank Draft only can be accepted among the Agents/ Distributors of our company.

Question 6.Delivery Information

Answer: - Fingertech holds a valid EXPORT LICENSE, and will be fully responsible for all the export procedures.
- Overseas Parcel: Please note of that we are a golden contractor of Fed Ex/ UPS/ DHL/ TNT, and we have special discounts for normal parcels and HEAVY GOODS (over 20kgs). Also we have a cooperative 5-Star logistic company in Shanghai: Cargo Services (China) Limited, offering both overseas airline and shipment service for HEAVY GOODS. Or, we can use your appointed logistic company upon your request.
- Local Parcel (Shanghai ONLY): we have a cooperative local logistic company: Longbang Express.

Question 7. Is the system/hardware upgradeable? Can the program be customized? Is it possible to integrate customized software with your BIOCA hardware?

Answer: - We can customize both hardware and software according to client’s requirement. Besides, we may also offer SDK and Source Code upon client’s request.
- Most of the hardware/ software integration can be achieved by the SDK provided by us.

Question 8. What is your company policy regarding returns / refunds / spare parts / warranties / guarantees?

Answer:- FINGERTECH warrants its Products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery acceptance to client.
- FINGERTECH will do quality testing of every product (100%) it supplies before dispatch the delivery. FINGERTECH will only repair or replace any products have defects in material or workmanship for free.
- FINGERTECH shall provide or reimburse client for parts used in making repairs during the warranty period and shall make parts available after the warranty period to client at a Unit Cost of NO More than 5% Margin to FINGERTECH over the Cost to manufacture.
- FINGERTECH will repair or replace any malfunctioning product within 2 weeks from the date it receives the product. Client will pay for transporting expenses.
- Date of delivery acceptance is 7 days from date of receipt of goods for final inspection.
- Client has to fill out the RMA form prior to any return/ replacement request.

Question 9. I’m an overseas client, can I get help in terms of after-sales support and technical support from you?

Answer: - Sure! We can offer you essential free training for all products you’ve purchased, and provide you with Detailed User Guide in English which consists of step-by-step instructions to problems that you may encounter during the usage.
- We also offer after sales support and technical support via the form of: Telephone calls, E-mails, Net-Meeting or MSN Messenger Conversation. All general inquires could be resolved instantly, and E-mail reply should take no longer than 2 days.
- We can also offer on site support if the client insists and agrees to reimburse the traveling, lodging and all other related costs. For Agents/Distributors, we will provide on-site / promotional support according to their sales volume.

Question 10. Where does Fingertech BIOCA stand among other biometrics producers in the market?

Answer: - Founded in 1998, Shanghai Fingertech (SFT) is a privately owned company based in Shanghai, and is one of the leading fingerprint biometric companies in China. SFT, whose well-facilitated production plant and skilled staff reinforce its commitment to product quality as well as client satisfaction.
- Fingertech has a very wide range of the fingerprint products, and has been exporting fingerprint products all over the world over past 5 years. Moreover, Fingertech has Agents / Distributors in Malaysia, Lebanon, Peru, Poland, Brazil, and Australia, so to offer direct and local service to BIOCA users.
- BIOCA as the brand name for Fingertech’s biometrics product, is becoming increasingly famous and has been authorized and accepted by a number of prestigious international organizations.
- Good-quality, reasonable price, favorable support and considerate service, BIOCA is outstanding and competitive when compared with rest in the market.




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